Director, Revenue Cycle
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successful practice requires not only excellent clinical capabilities, but also the time and technical expertise to ensure that the practice optimizes its reimbursement while maintaining efficiency and compliance. The Rybar Group’s team of consultants provides the necessary expertise and experience to ensure the best possible results for you. We will work one-on-one with your staff, keeping you current with the technical and financial regulations that affect your practice, while you remain focused on the care side of healthcare.



Ensuring accurate clinical documentation, medical coding, and billing are crucial to the financial health of your practice. We understand the operational challenges you face to successfully reach your financial goals and maintain compliance.  Our clients seek our expertise for targeted reviews of specific concerns, to start an internal compliance auditing program, or ongoing internal audit support.   We will work with your team to identify the goal, provide a comprehensive review, and one on one education for the physician and practice. 

We offer professional service coding expertise, as well as multi-specialty auditing experience. Our consultants are  AAPC credentialed, have specialty medical coding and auditory credentials and years of operational experiences.   Our clients seek our services for the high quality work and reporting as well as our diverse skillset of specialty auditing experience.


Do you need improved cash? By reviewing denials, silent denials and other components of the revenue cycle, The Rybar Group can help. Services include assessment of current processes and systems to improve any aspect of the revenue cycle. From the scheduling; check-in; registration; point-of-service collections; and front-end, middle and back-end activities, our experienced consultants will assist and improve your processes in order to improve financial performance, increase leadership knowledge, reduce denials, optimize cash flow, and collect and retain revenue.


The fee schedule for any practice is an important component that affects profitability and revenues. It is important to set the fee schedules comparable to the market and at an optimal rate in order to secure profits and avoid long-term losses. With The Rybar Group’s Fee Schedule Analysis, our consultants will perform an assessment of your top procedures and provide market analysis.


Our practice valuation will provide a report that estimates the fair market value of the physician practice specified based on applicable valuation methods. Equipment appraisal services are also available upon request.


In today’s fiscal environment, proactive organizations need to evaluate their practice operations to ensure the use of best practices. The operation of any physician practice is a complicated process with many different functions and systems. Our consultants provide an end-to-end process review from the patient and physician perspective, eliminating inefficiencies, improving controls and shortening cycle times. The outcome is a more efficient workflow and improved financial performance for the practice.


Most denials are preventable, but many practices experience hundreds of thousands of dollars unpaid or delayed because of inefficient processes. A significant challenge for providers today is interpreting the billing and coding requirements of a variety of payors. The Rybar Group’s Denial Reduction and Management Program offers detailed insight into the components affecting your revenue. RGI will perform an in-depth analysis of your remittance advice and denials to determine root causes, patterns and breakdowns responsible for denials. We can assist you in developing effective techniques to streamline your processes, establish corrective steps to prevent future revenue loss or delay, and ensure that you are receiving the optimal payment. RGI is available to implement this process within your practice, and consultants with years of experience working for providers are able to implement these proven and effective strategies.


  • Financial Analysis and Assistance
  • RAC, MIC and Commercial Payor Audits and Appeals
  • Educational Programs