Rural Healthcare Reimbursement Manager


Rural Health Clinics play an important role within a health system, providing quality healthcare to the underserved rural community. To support this effort, greater reimbursement opportunities exist from Medicare and Medicaid for these providers.

At The Rybar Group, we understand first-hand the structure, needs and uniqueness of rural health clinics. With a team that includes former RHC CFOs as well as certified coding specialists, we are dedicated to the financial and operational success of RHCs. Our team of consultants combines their in-depth knowledge of legislative, billing and regulatory guidelines to strategically address financial, reimbursement, payment and operational issues.

Our team will work to identify trends in your clinic’s data and performance metrics, developing strategic, long-lasting solutions that lead to the strong revenue flow that is imperative for your RHC to remain the vital healthcare resource in your community.  Our consultants understand Medicare, Medicaid and the private insurance components of your RHC.

The Rybar Group offers a variety of services to assist RHCs in understanding their opportunities and to ensure that you are receiving the full reimbursement that your clinic is entitled to: 

  • Cost Report Strategies
  • Productivity Standard Analysis
  • Payment Optimization
  • Financial Management Support
  • Provider Based Status
  • Payor Negotiations and Contract Optimization
  • Revenue Integrity Assessment
  • Denial Reduction
  • Chargemaster
  • Practice Assessment
  • Documentation & Coding Audits