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Jesse Parker

The Value in Outsourcing Your Reimbursement Department

The shortage in finance and reimbursement candidates is not the only reason that a healthcare provider should consider outsourcing its reimbursement...

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Medicaid Supplemental Payments

As we approach another major cost report due date, 6/30 year-ends are due on November 30, 2023, it is important to consider the impact that your...

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Pass-through Reimbursement for Your NAHE Program

Medicare is the largest single funding source for hospitals that provide training for residents and fellows in approved residency programs in...

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Establishing a Teaching Hospital – Determining FTEs and Other Need-to-Know Items

Based on the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) data from cost reports with fiscal years ending July 31, 2021 through June 30, 2022,...

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Is Worksheet S-10 really that important?

Often overlooked is the important role that Worksheet S-10 plays in the overall revenue of any hospital that qualifies for Medicare Disproportionate...

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The Future of Medicare Outlier Payments: A Change May be on the Horizon

After Medicare’s implementation of the Prospective Payment System (PPS) for hospital inpatient care, the common misconception is Medicare cost...

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